Our Corporate Alliances

Whilst Financial Planning Qld is a corporate authorised representative of AMP Financial Planning, this does not restrict our advice to the use of AMP investment products (either inside super or outside) or the use of AMP insurance produtcts.  To read more about our relationship with AMP, please refer to our FSG.

We have full access to all the fund managers and insurance companies on the AMP Financial Planning Approved Products & Services List.  This means that we can put your best interests first and develop a financial strategy designed to achieve those things that are important to you – and then use the most appropriate products to make that strategy work best.

Of course, not all the investment managers and insurance companies we use are household names because many are specialist wholesale managers that do not advertise in mainstream media.  Some of them, however, you will absolutely know!
Check out just some of the expert fund managers and insurance companies that we have access to and can take advantage of to help you…