Financial Planning QLD team

Who gives the advice?

Darren Titmus

Darren Titmus is the Director and Principal Adviser of Financial Planning Qld.  All face to face meetings and client calls are handled directly by Darren.  Darren’s job is basically to put together the strategies and ensure that any new strategy puts you in a better financial position than you are currently in.  He has been doing this so long, and is now so confident in his work, that he offers 2 obligation free appointments.  You can read more fun facts about Darren Titmus right here!

Rohan Siggins

Rohan Siggins is a Lending Specialist with Financial Planning Qld.  All client appointments for lending are conducted by phone/skype or in person with Rohan.  When it comes to debt and cash flow advice, Darren and Rohan work together to formulate the strategy and source the most appropriate products to help your strategy work.  Rohan Siggins has a wealth of experience as a mortgage broker, construction finance, debt consolidation, home loans, car loans, and commercial property loans.

For more fun facts about Rohan Siggins click here.

Who Helps?

Taryn Hutchins

Taryn is Financial Planning Qld’s Client Engagement Star.  Prior to joining Financial Planning Qld, she spent 13 years running the back office of a very successful Brisbane financial planning firm.  Her role is to ensure that the systems within the advice, compliance and marketing areas of our business run better than smoothly and that everyone is a happy camper.  Whether you have been with Financial Planning Qld for a long time or you are just coming on board, you are bound to hear from Taryn.  You can read more fun facts about Taryn here.

James Ugarte

James Ugarte is a digital creative who is passionate about communicating visually. In the fast paced world of double tapping, sliding and scrolling that is social media and marketing, James keeps Financial Planning Qld present so you can keep up to date with updates on the market and trends. Want to know more? Here are some fun facts about James.


Financial Planning Qld is supported by a team of professional and experienced Paraplanners.  Their job is essentially to create the document that is the financial plan.  This document addresses every element of the advice that Financial Planning Qld is providing you with.  It is typically anything between 50 and 80 pages long and will contain cash flows, tax considerations, alternative strategies, investment and asset allocations, all the reasons why the strategy is a winner for you… and much more!  To be honest, you probably won’t find it a very exciting read, but at least all the bases are covered and you have something to refer to.

Tech Nerds

Financial Planning is a very technical profession.  Rules, regulations, legislation – they are ALL changing ALL of the time.  Throw this in the mix with an ever-changing global economy, volatile markets, and a myriad of other factors and you most definitely have something a tad interesting!  It really is a minefield out there!

To stay abreast of these changes and how they impact clients, Financial Planning Qld has a technical services team at hand.  Their job is basically to help ensure that the strategies and advice that you receive not only achieves what you want it to, but is the most effective and most appropriate way of doing so.