What our clients say

I wish to write a very positive testimonial for Darren Titmus at Financial Planning Queensland.  He has just helped me into buying my own home and I firmly believe that I would have been renting forever if I’d left my fete in the hands of a Bank or any other broker.

I’d assumed that I’d have no chance of securing a loan as I had to default on a mortgage when I separated from my first husband.  To add to this my stepdaughter reneged on a substantial loan that I’d guaranteed for her; and then more recently she ran up a utility account in my name which went into collection.

Regardless I thought it worth trying for a loan.  I approached Darren after being rejected by a Bank.  He had little to work with, a modest deposit from me and a credit rating officially ‘below average’.

We had a long journey with many hurdles including not being acceptable to most lenders and most mortgage insurers, and struggling to get a loan with the small deposit that I had.

Darren’s attitude was that a property purchase was never going to fail through finance, any rejection would just mean a delay.   After our first property attempt failed he managed to find me a lender that would lend me the amount I needed to get the house I wanted – and the interest rate was only 4.19%.

Now Darren is going to give me a plan to pay it off quickly.  I’m a 53 y.o. single parent, I will own my home over 10 years paying equivalent to what I’d been paying in rent plus a small personal loan that got paid off in the process of settlement.

It was a roller coaster ride as we overcame many knock backs but it’s been life changing for me.  I’ll be the proud owner of my own home in my twilight years and will have some security for my young daughter.

Thank you Darren!

Donna Wright, Hobart Tasmania

I have been a client of Darren Titmus for several years now.  As my financial adviser he has been a wonderful support to me.  He has helped me set up my funds to benefit me greatly for my future.  Would I recommend his services?  Most definitely!

I think you need to know that the person looking after your financial interests is genuine and there to help you at any time – Darren ticks both of these boxes.  Would I recommend Darren Titmus to family and friends?  A big YES – and I have already done so, knowing that they are in good, confident hands.
Jan Siman, Sunnybank Qld

My Husband, Bob Chitts, and myself, Delia Chitts, first sought advice from the Insure First company (now Financial Planning Qld).  As a consequence we were lucky to meet Darren Titmus.

We sought advice from Darren because my husband and I needed a retirement plan.  Our aim was to be financially prepared and able to enjoy our retirement.
Darren met with Bob and I as was needed and because he kept in touch and updated our progress we had strong faith in his achievements for us.
Our financial plan from Darren was tailored to our needs and the questions we put to him were promptly answered to our satisfaction.
Superannuation was well explained and understood but retirement planning was not our only need.  We needed income replacement, debt reduction, and transition to retirement.  Darren, after discussion with us, was given our approval to proceed with his advice and expertise.  My husband and I have had peace of mind over the last two years because of this.
Darren has always conducted himself with professional integrity.  He has earned our trust.  My husband and I would recommend Darren Titmus to anyone seeking advice on financial planning.
Bob & Delia Chitts, Carrara Qld