How we charge

Please make sure you take a look at our Working with us main page before having a read here.

We operate on a fee for service model.  We do not charge commissions from your super funds or investments – either up front or ongoing.

Because everyone’s financial plan is different, fees do vary from client to client.  Having said that, our fee is always based on:
  1. The time required to complete your case, and
  2. The complexity of your specific case
In the interests of transparency, we believe that you should know what your fee is going to be BEFORE “billable” work is commenced.  This means that we will tell you exactly what your fee is going to be before we commence your advice document so that you can decide if you wish us to do the work or not.
It is also very important to us that the benefits of our advice to you are greater than the fee we charge.
To show you that we don’t mind putting our money where our mouth is, we will conduct the first two appointments with you complimentary and with absolutely no obligation.  This gives you the opportunity to see what we can do for you, as well as the benefits that will bring, before you commit to paying a cent!
If you wish us to proceed after the second complimentary appointment then you will be offered a Terms of Engagement that essentially puts in writing the things we discussed in the second meeting as well as the costs associated with the work being done.  Once you decide to instruct us to commence an advice document for you (eg a financial plan), and sign the Terms of Engagement, then your agreed fee will be payable.  From there, we go ahead and get cracking on your case.  You are now very close to achieving your goals!
You may pay your fixed fee by credit card, BPAY or via your superannuation or investment products if your product provider allows this.
For more fun facts on how we are paid, please refer to our FSG here.