Financial Planning Qld Services

Financial Planning Qld is a full service financial planning firm.  This means that regardless of your situation, we have the scope to take a big picture look with you at your current situation and the situation you would prefer to be in.  It also means that there is a better than fair chance that we have helped others in your situation before.

We are here to nurture your financial growth.  Things don’t have to be bad or dire before you seek advice, in fact good advice should help you stay away from things getting tough financially.  Equally, when you feel that you are not really getting ahead, there is often a solution.
Our priority is always to put you in a better position than you were in before you met us.  This may mean that you will be…
  • saving some income tax
  • saving superannuation tax
  • savings on investment fees
  • savings on superannuation fees
  • savings in mortgage repayments
  • having you better protected financially
  • accumulating more wealth
  • paying your home off faster
  • or a combination of the above
  • or maybe even ALL of the above!

Superannuation & Retirement

Do you feel that the way your superannuation is going it is simply not going to cut the mustard when it comes to your retirement? You are not the only one! For most Australians, their superannuation will not be enough in retirement. The thing i…


Have you ever done a budget and found out you should have a surplus but still can’t seem to save as much as you would like??? Or maybe you should have a surplus but you still can’t save anything? You are not alone!! It is seriously like money j…

Life Insurance & Income Protection

A smart foundation of any financial plan is to first protect what you already have. To protect your most valuable assets, if you will. Now, this means different things to different people. It will also mean different things according to your st…

Home Loans

Are you looking for a mortgage broker in the Brisbane north or Woolloongabba areas? Look no further than your trusty consultants at Financial Planning Qld. Your home loan may well be your largest debt. This means t…

Centrelink & Age Pension

If you are getting ready for retirement, you may well be hoping to receive at least some Age Pension to supplement your investment income. If you are already retired and receiving the Age Pension then you are probab…

Financial Advice After Relationship Breakdown

There is no question that a relationship breakdown is a significant life event. Many things change at this point – both financial AND non financial. It is a very stressful time and can be particularly so if finances are not well taken care of.

Can't work due to sickness or injury?

Life really can throw us some curve balls at times – and unfortunately many folks are caught off guard.

If you have found yourself injured (whether a work place injury or anything else – maybe even a surfing injury) or ill and unable to work, …